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About Us - Our Mission


The Friesland Band is organized for the purpose of providing its members the opportunity to play music for their enjoyment, community education, community entertainment, and to continue to promote music as an inherited part of the community culture. The means of promoting music culture and providing such education includes, but is not limited to, the opportuniity for members of the general public, who have an interest in such music, to rehearse with the group, and perform music in any form. While all forms of musical presentation shall be supported, the preservation of the traditional community band form of performance shall be a major goal of the Band. The primary goals include the following:

  1. To enhance musicianship and expression through practice and performance of quality music

  2. To enrich the community by expanding music education, appreciation, and awareness through exposure to music and musical instruments.

  3. To enrich our organization so that the Friesland Community Band has a positive atmosphere; strives to be accepting of members of all ages, talents and professions; and continues to be a caring group of musicians.